BUYER BEWARE ! " not all firewood or cordwood is created equal ". Remember when your shopping for Green or Seasoned firewood, consider all "un-certified" firewood is most likely to be diseased or pest infested or both. "...what you buy matters" !
* Our firewood is "Sterilized" via "71/75 Heat-Treatment" from Vermont native premium hardwoods;
* Our "Sterilized/Heat-Treated" firewood is Federal and State certified and safe for distribution thru-out NH, ME and MA ;
* Our firewood meets and or exceeds EPA burn-wise guidelines;
* Our firewood sales complies to "N.H. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE WEIGHTS & MEASURES LAW REQU...........";
* Our firewood remains in dry storage during all inclement weather conditions and safeguarded from becoming re-infested again;
* Our firewood is sold in semi-cord (fractions of a cord) stacked units in 12 or 16 or 20 inch lengths;
* Our firewood can easily be viewed and inspected prior to purchase to assure customer satisfaction;
* Our firewood is delivered and stacked in customers firewood rack or palletized on ground level and covered to stay dry;
For more info on our "value-added" certified firewood, visit us online at firewoodguy.com or call 603-437-0940.
(603) 437 - 0940
Vermont Native Sterilized Mixed Hardwoods
Certified "Heat-Treated" # VTFW 10-0003
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PostedOctober 29, 2017

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