• Out-of-State "Heat-Sterilized" Firewood

"Heat Treated" sterilized firewood is safer than buying "Un-Treated" infested firewood from a local source.
"Un-Treated" firewood is most likely to be infested with EAB, ALB and other pest/bug infested deadly diseases which will effect your environment and healthy trees in your neighborhood.

* Our firewood complies with EPA (burn-wise) guidelines ;
* Our out-of-state firewood is "Heat-Treated" approved (# VTFW 10-0003) ;
* Our sterilized "Heat-Treated" firewood is safer and approved to be distributed thru-out NH, MA and ME. (# NH16-EPP-EAB-014) ;
* Our firewood is sold and delivered in a "Hand-Stacked" legal measurement. (MEQAR # 57956) ;
* Our sterilized firewood is stored inside to remain dry and is ready-to-burn upon delivery ;
* We offer partial cord units, free home delivery and stacked in customers firewood rack or palletized ;
* Visit us at www.firewoodguy.com for more info or call 603-437-0940.

"Not all firewood is Eco-Friendly or created equal"
Anyone who charges you less, will probably be delivering you something of a lesser quantity or lesser value or both.
(603) 437 - 0940
Out-of-State "Heat-Treated" firewood
Eco-Friendly safe
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PostedJune 01, 2017

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