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    Buyer Beware! "....not all firewood is created equal.

    * For customer assurance, You can pre-inspect our quality and quantity firewood, prior to your purchase.

    * Our firewood has been kiln-sterilized to T314-c federal heat-treatments standards to eliminate the risk of spreading invasive wood-pest and other various wood-disease infestations.

    * Our firewood is stored in a shed-dry environment to remain season/dry from all inclement weather conditions.

    * Our firewood is guaranteed and ready to burn when purchased. No additional seasoning or drying out time is required.

    * Our firewood is sold in a pre-stacked cord measurement as outlined by "N.H. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE WEIGHTS & MEASURES LAW REQUIRES; that cordwood (firewood) must: 1. Be sold by the cord or fraction of a cord; 2. Contain 128 cubic feet per cord when stacked; 3. Be accompanied by sales slip stating the amount of wood sold & the price".

    * Current pricing; Includes delivered and stacked in customer's firewood log rack.
    1/8 of a cord / 16 cu ft: (ie. approx. 75 + or - pieces) $312.00;
    1/6 of a cord / 21.33 cu ft: ( ie. approx 100 + or - pieces) $412.00;
    1/4 of a cord / 32 cu ft: (ie. approx. 150 + or - pieces) $625.00;
    1/3 of a cord / 42.33 cu ft: (ie. approx. 200 + or - pieces) $825.00;
    1/2 of a cord / 64 cu ft: (ie. 300 + or - pieces) $ SOLD-OUT.
    FYI; one cubic foot of firewood has about 3 to 5 hrs of burn time.

    * Email us at firewoodguy@comcast.net or call us at 603-437-0940 to order or schedule your next firewood delivery.

    NOTE; Remember to keep enough firewood on hand for your fireplace, before your next "Black-Outage" occurs in your neighborhood.

    FYI new publication; ..NHDAW&M..Consumer ..... " Tips to Avoid Getting Burned! "
    (603) 437 - 0940
    The Firewoodguy
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    PostedNovember 30, 2019

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