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Kiln Dry (K/D) firewood is a " term without a firm definition" of being dried out. Where as:
Approved "Heat-Treated" firewood is a firm definition that meets government standards on the "movement of firewood".
* We offer Approved " Heat-Treated" dry firewood ;
* Firewoodguy is a registered business in the State of NH since March 1997 ( # 229227 ) ;
* Our firewood is Eco-Friendly via "Heat-Treatment" to USDA standards (# VTFW 10-0003)
* Our firewood is approved/allowed to be safely distributed thru-out NH, MA and ME and "safeguarded" while in storage and during re-distribution in a Natural-Friendly dry environment # NH16-EPP-EAB-014 ;
* Environmentally Friendly Firewood is safe to use in all wood burning units including chimney's ;
* All firewood is sold and delivered in a lawful stacked measurement in fractions of a cord units ;
* We offer Free home delivery within 50 miles of Derry, NH 03038 and stacked in customers firewood rack or palletized on ground level. additional delivery charges may apply beyond 50 miles of Derry, NH 03038 ;
* For more info, visit us at www.firewoodguy.com or call 603-437-0940

Note: for customer pickup:
Our loose / thrown cord averages about 224 cubic feet, not 128.
A stacked cord averages about 4,200 lbs.
(603) 437 - 0940
Approved ; Heat Treated Firewood/Pest Free
Processed in 12" or 16" or 20" cut and split "uniform" pieces
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PostedApril 02, 2017

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